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She Will Rock You
She Will Rock You


She Will Rock You is a two and a half hour Rockumentary!!  A narrated short story of each selected female Rock Elite whose songs are performed live on stage with rare footage and photos on the huge screen behind the band - over 25 songs performed LIVE.

The Rock industry has for years been predominately male dominated. No more so than the 50's and early 60's where it was understood and accepted a woman should be the housewife baking cakes and looking after a tribe of kids.  Yes there were female artists however their careers were limited and restricted.  Then came the likes of Janice Joplin, Tina Turner, and Aretha Franklin to name a few who paved the way for a tsunami of some of the most talented, influential and determined female rock legends on the planet.  This is the story of women who ROCK.

Cynthia Gallie
Cynthia Gallie is a singer and performer from Melbourne and is a product of its wide and varied musical offerings.  Her vocal abilities are no less than astounding - her vocal range phenomenal.  Performing works from Joplin to Kate Bush done with ease and soul, Gallie would arguably be one of the toughest, most versatile female performers Australia has produced.

The versatility of her talents were fostered at a young age when she became involved in musical theatre, loving the range
of styles offered in the one medium. 

Highlights from her career include: 
- Recording the Special Olympics 2013 theme song, performing at the closing ceremony and singing the Australian anthem.
- Fronting the nationally touring AC/DC orchestrated theatre show, backed by the Australian Symphony Orchestra.  

The band {The Backbone} consists of father and son team Larry Attard {Bass + Backing Vocals} and Jesse Attard {Guitar + Backing Vocals} hailing from the world touring AC/DC Show ACCA DACCA, (Say No More) as well as Greg Aldridge on Drums, a hired gun for some of Australia's finest touring acts and Keys and Synth provided by Peter Nicoli.

In short, ladies bring your men for an education in the world of women who ROCK. You'll be blown away!!!

Groups 10+
Concession / Child
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