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Youth In Performing Arts (YIPA)

YIPA provides an opportunity for Central Coast youth with outstanding talent to perform in a professional venue, promoting and fostering their development in performing arts. An inclusive program encouraging all forms of live entertainment in a non-competitive environment, YIPA helps young people develop confidence in themselves and their ability to contribute to being part of a team, as the production team regard each performer as a talented artist in their own right.

Showcasing an outstanding array of talent, the Youth In Performing Arts concert series at Laycock Street Community Theatre is the culmination of a diverse range of talented youth from across the Central Coast.

These concerts are guaranteed to offer an assortment of high quality young talent including vocalists, bands, instrumentalists, drama, dance and much more. Experience the breadth of our region’s inspiring youth arts and entertainment line-up.

Who can enter YIPA?

YIPA is open to any performer of high school age, and no older than 21, in any style of entertainment. Performers must reside within the Central Coast LGA or attend a school within that area on a fulltime basis.

Performers may appear in solo acts, as a duo, or in groups. New skills are honed as young people are provided with the opportunity to accompany other performers.

Being non-school based, the program affords and encourages young people with a talent for performing from all over the Central Coast, from all educational institutions, and young people who are no longer at school.

Important Dates

Auditions are held during the month of March in a variety of venues across the Central Coast, including Laycock Street Community Theatre, Valley View Public School, secondary schools, and various dance and music schools. Auditions are also held by arrangements in youth centres, private homes, dance studio, drama studios and anywhere else the audition panel can arrange to see performances by youth with talent.

A separate rehearsal day is held for some new successful applicants by invitation. Performers will be given support, advice and skills development by industry professionals, YIPA production team and trained entertainers and tutors in the performing arts.

If you have any enquires about YIPA please contact Gary Jackson on 0449 285 051 for further information. Enquiries may also be sent to


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