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The Fish that Wanted to Fly
The Fish that Wanted to Fly




5 Laycock street
Wyoming NSW 2250

Presented by Laycock Street Community Theatre, produced by Little Wing Puppets.

Did you ever dream of doing something impossible? Join Little Wing Puppets on this magical journey of a bold little fish, who had a dream, too.

The Fish That Wanted to Fly is about having the courage to pursue something even if it seems likely you will never reach it. In our story we meet a little Fish whose lagoon is drying up. All the other fish have left, and she wants to learn how to fly so she can see them again. Her friend, a hermit crab named Karramoko, sits by a stormwater drain and tells her it will never happen. She meets a Kingfisher who helps her and encourages her to keep trying. It’s not until she meets a Cormorant, who offers to take her up into the sky that she flies for the first time. But will she make it back, okay? The tale is set in a mangrove swamp, and is about friendship, resilience and sustainability.

Suitable for ages 3-8.

Saturday the 7 of September 2024: 10.30am and 1pm
Venue - The Don Craig Room at Laycock Street Theatre

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